Bebelac Campaign Design

This is a project done in the constructs of a repositioning campaign for a well-known baby food brand called Bebelac. As a result of my research I aimed to portray naturalness in parallel to what the consumers expect and what the current brand identity lacked. I constructed concepts and visual concepts separately for different mediums. For the brand identity I chose the concept trust, which I visualised with the concept roof. For the general campaign concept which I designed a magazine ad, packaging design and a short tv commercial I developed the concept dearest to go with the visual concept animals and their nature. Whilst designing the project I focused on the expectations of my target audience of the chosen brand which is classified as B1 and B2.

This project is published on Packaging Of The World/POTW

I designed each animal colour specific to the flavour to create a contrast. The idea of each animal choice was identified by each ingredient as a bear would eat fruit, a monkey bananas, and a rabbit carrots. The visual method of a sketchy unfinished look was decided to give the brand a lightness; cohesive to the transparent packaging and the feeling of an organic brand, that focuses on the product itself.



I also designed a secondary packaging with a promotional item according to each packaging with the idea that the product is so natural that even animals are after it. Therefore a toy would help the meal experience and also promote a more fun and creative brand.

In the video we witness a scene where the feeding process has finished, and an almost finished Bebelac jar of baby food is placed on the kitchen counter. After the cost is clear, two of the playful Bebelac animals appear in pursuit of the leftover food. The idea was that animals only consume what is natural and therefore are after Bebelac which is an all-organic brand.

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